Review: Sentinel (Galactic Gladiators: House of Rone #1) by Anna Hackett

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Sentinel Book Cover Sentinel
Galactic Gladiators; House of Rone #1
Anna Hackett
Science Fiction Romance - Aliens
July 21st 2019
Kindle Unlimited


Fighting for love, loyalty, and freedom on the galaxy's lawless outer rim...

When Quinn Bennett's exploration ship is attacked, the security chief finds herself abducted by alien slavers. Unable to save her crew, she is taken across the galaxy and sold to a desert scavenger on the lawless planet of Carthago. Driven by her guilt and failure, she'll do anything to escape and save the other abductees from her ship. Chained and forced into servitude, she's waiting for her chance to strike, when across a dusty trading post, she comes face to face with a big, cyborg gladiator.

Jaxer Rone's loyalty is to his imperator--the man who saved him from a lethal cyborg military program. Jax works tirelessly for his gladiatorial house and would die for his fellow cyborgs. His emotional dampeners have never functioned well, but while he feels some emotion, he never lets it get in the way of his duty. Right now, his mission is to find the stolen humans from Earth. But when he rescues the fierce, relentless Quinn, he starts feeling a rush of emotion he's never experienced before.

Quinn and Jax join forces to track down the aliens holding the other Earth women captive. Side by side, they venture into the desert and uncover a desire hotter than the desert suns. But the aliens who captured Quinn want her back. In order to protect Quinn, will Jax embrace his newfound feelings or shut them off to keep her safe?

Includes a preview of Defender (House of Rone #2)


[su_quote cite=”11% Sentinel”]While cyborgs might not feel emotions or feelings like others, they understood loyalty.[/su_quote]

Sentinel is book one in the Galactic Gladiators; House of Rone series by Anna Hackett.

This new series is in the same world as her Galactic Gladiators. Here we get to dive into the House of Rone; which is the home of the Cyborgs. They have been an active member with the House of Galen in locating the human’s captured and enslaved 

I loved the House of Galen and was, so excited to meet the Cyborgs and get their stories. These are the men who are more machine then human. 

Jaxer is one of the few Cyborgs who freely admits that he is more in touch with his emotions then most Cyborgs, yet he has no idea how much a human female can change his world.

Quinn is determined to escape her captors and find the others who were captured with her. She’s tough and determined. 

This is another fast-paced standalone romance that was so much fun to read. Quinn was a delight and one of the authors more formidable females. She doesn’t know when to quit and she proves this time and time again. Jaxer and Quinn were perfect. They are such a kick-ass couple. 

Jaxer and all the other Cyborgs were fun. I liked getting to meet the Cyborgs in the House of Rone. They each have unique abilities that make the action scenes that much more outstanding. The world Hackett has created just keeps expanding. 

Sentinel was another fun, sexy, and all-around fabulous read. If you are looking for a Science Fiction Romance series to try then I highly recommend this spin-off series.

Rated: 4 Stars

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  1. I think I have this one in my TBR. Yea!

    • Enjoy!

  2. i’ll be checking my kindle to see if i have any of her work, considering you think so highly of her novels. thanks for shaing
    sherry @ fundinmental

    • You are welcome. I’ve only tried a few of her series, but I’ve really enjoyed them. She does have a few first in the series up for FREE and a few series in the KU program. Though after reading her Galactic Gladiator series in KU I ended up buying them, because I’ll be re-reading them sometime. ^_^ I hope you enjoy! Happy Reading

      • i have ku for two months free, so i’m on my way over to check her out. thanks for letting me know

        • You are welcome! ^_^