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Crave the Heat (The Smokejumpers) by Marnee Blake ~ #Excerpt #BookTour

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  Shrugging into the gray T-shirt he’d brought with him, Dak didn’t seem to be paying attention to Kirk. She couldn’t focus either, distracted by the play of muscles along his big chest. As her gaze met his, a zing of connection reverberated between them. Surely it had affected him, too. Proving her point, the

Tempt the Flames (The Smokejumpers) by Marnee Blake ~ #Excerpt #BookTour

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  Chapter 1 Driving from Bend to the smokejumper base in Redmond, Oregon, was like traveling back in time. It only took a half an hour, but the trip set Meg Buchanan back ten years. As she pulled into the parking lot of Redmond Air Center, the tires of her Forerunner crunching on the dirt